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Traffic violations in Alabama might seem minor. But if you're found guilty of certain traffic violations, you could lose your driver's license, be fined hundreds or thousands of dollars, pay more in insurance premiums and even find yourself in jail for months or years. That's why it's critical you contact us as soon as possible. Experienced Alabama criminal defense attorney John Michael Barclay knows how to handle such cases and knows how to get results, no matter how serious your charge, or what state you call home.

Many traffic violations in Alabama are classified as municipal court offenses. But other, more serious charges can be classified as misdemeanor or felonies. There's a big difference between misdemeanor and felony charges in Alabama. Attorney Barclay and his staff at Barclay Law, LLC thoroughly understand these laws and know how to investigate such cases. We routinely review arrest reports, traffic tickets and carefully analyze all evidence. We then use this information to develop a strong, legal defense to favorably resolve your case.

"Should I hire a lawyer if I'm dealing with a traffic violation in Alabama?"

Yes, if you are considering hiring a lawyer for your traffic violation, call 866-584-1023 immediately for a free consultation.   Attorney John Michael Barclay will vigorously fight for your rights, whether you live here or you are just passing through Alabama.

Some of the most common traffic violations in Alabama we deal with at Barclay Law, LLC include:

  • Reckless driving
  • Driving on a suspended license
  • Other traffic offenses

Deciding what to do when faced with a serious legal matter can be a difficult decision. There are many issues you need to consider in every case. Make sure you have an experienced Alabama lawyer you can trust, protecting your rights and privileges. Many clients with serious legal problems throughout Alabama have been helped by Barclay Law, LLC.

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We're proud of our case results. That's because we know that every case we win makes a dramatic difference in our clients' lives. Attorney John Michael Barclay works hard every day to help people get their lives back on track. That's how he earned his reputation in Alabama for being a skilled negotiator. Attorney Barclay fights for justice!

"We're here for you when you need us most," attorney Barclay often says.

Discover what Barclay Law, LLC can do for you. Call 866-584-1023 or fill out our online inquiry form and schedule a free consultation.  The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can get to work on your case. Every second counts. Don't wait another minute. Demand justice. Contact Barclay Law, LLC today.

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