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Many white collar crimes are considered federal crimes. If you are facing a federal charge, you will need an attorney who has experience handling cases in federal courts and a proven track record of success. John Michael Barclay is admitted to practice in U.S. District Court, Northern District of Alabama, and in U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Michigan. He represents clients all over Alabama in State Courts and the U.S. District Courts of Alabama. His case results speak volumes. Call (866) 584-1023 today to schedule a consultation.

Federal white collar crimes are growing in number and prosecution each year. Below are some of the common charges prosecutors bring in the U.S. District Courts in the State of Alabama. There are many other cases involving fraud and other white collar crimes that may be prosecuted in the State and Federal Courts of Alabama. If you have questions about charges you may be facing not listed on this page or you suspect you're under investigation or if you have received a target letter from State or Federal prosecutors, contact us immediately. We will discuss how we will help protect your rights and your future.

Tax Evasion

If you are facing IRS criminal charges, it's likely you are overwhelmed and extremely worried about your future. Let a tax evasion defense lawyer in Alabama help. Attorney John Michael Barclay understands that no one wants to be charged with tax evasion, yet people get targeted by the government every day. Sometimes they did nothing wrong. Sometimes they made mistakes that the government blows out of proportion. No two tax evasion cases are ever the same, but every case deserves the attention from a white collar criminal defense lawyer - call John Michael Barclay at Barclay Law to schedule a free consultation today.

Whatever your situation or question may be, it's critical to have a tax fraud defense lawyer protecting your best interests. If you made a mistake or were careless with your tax preparation, you should not automatically be convicted of tax evasion.

Tax evasion or tax fraud typically involves a citizen who takes steps to avoid paying taxes or to pay less than is owed on taxes. The IRS may accuse you of lying about what you earned or the circumstances that made you eligible for deductions or credits.  An IRS investigation often begins when the agency's computer system detects fraud due to some unusual situation.  For example, a tax return may show more deductions than the reported income can support. A person from the IRS then may examine the return, which could lead to an audit.

Tax fraud charges also may be filed against someone who has earned income but failed to file a tax return.

Don't let an investigation or charges relating to tax fraud or related white collar crimes worry you to the point of giving the Federal government what they want - you to do nothing.  The penalties for tax fraud and related white collar crimes can include incarceration and fines - your defense starts today by calling Barclay Law at (866) 584-1023.

Barclay Law, LLC provides aggressive representation for individuals as well as businesses accused of tax fraud or tax evasion.

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Bribery and Public Corruption

Federal authorities who investigate public corruption may allege bribery and other offenses to which Alabama is no stranger. The state is home to some high-profile corruption cases involving well-known politicians. Over the years, the government has filed charges against a range of public officials:

  • A former mayor was sentenced to 15 years in prison on felony charges related to allegations of conspiracy, bribery, money laundering and tax fraud, among other charges.
  • A former governor was convicted of corruption charges and sentenced to seven years in prison governor on charges of bribery, conspiracy and obstruction.
  • A Speaker of the House was indicted on charges linked to allegedly misusing his office for personal gain and soliciting gifts from lobbyists.

As these cases show, a high-ranking position in government does not protect someone from prosecution.

Often, a government official may be accused of corruption for either demanding or accepting money or something of value in return for the official's influence.  While bribery is a common allegation, public corruption covers a range of wrongdoing alleged by law enforcement: Fraud, kickbacks, extortion, misuse of government funds, among other allegations.

It's critical to contact an attorney as soon as you are charged or accused of public corruption. At Barclay Law, LLC, we will defend those charged with such crimes skillfully and tirelessly while also crafting a strategy to minimize damage to your reputation. Allegations of public corruption can be embarrassing and haunt the accused for the rest of their lives - if you are worried about being charged or have been, call Barclay Law, LLC today to discuss what we will do to protect your name and your future.

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Blackmail describes an action involving extorting money or something of value out of another person. If you are accused of blackmail, you will face a felony charge, which carries the possibility of prison as well as thousands of dollars in fines. Depending on the circumstances, law enforcement may file blackmail charges in federal or state courts. Attorney John Michael Barclay has a comprehensive understanding of the state and federal laws that apply to blackmail.

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Money Laundering

A common white collar crime, money laundering involves taking funds gained illegally and channeling them into a legitimate resource. Legislators have created state and federal laws to help the government unveil illegal money laundering activity. In some cases, a money laundering accusation may be combined with other charges, including racketeering, fraud or embezzlement. While a banker or accountant may be accused of money laundering, these types of charges sometimes are linked to drug dealing or organized crime. With so much at stake, you need a tough-minded money laundering defense lawyer protecting your rights. Barclay Law, LLC will help you mount a defense designed to result in a dismissal or acquittal of charges.

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Obstruction of Justice

Depending on the circumstances, law enforcement may prosecute obstruction of justice charges in federal or state court. Attorney Barclay has experience successfully getting a dismissal on obstruction of justice charges. Well-versed in state and federal law, John Michael Barclay fights aggressively for clients who are dealing with some of the most complicated of cases.

Obstruction of justice covers a wide range of allegations involving interference with the justice system. Prosecutors may charge someone with a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the nature of the allegation. In one high profile case, a jury convicted celebrity Martha Stewart of obstruction of justice. A judge sentenced her to prison for lying to investigators during an insider stock trading investigation. Obstruction of justice may be charged in connection with perjury, bribery or blackmail. Examples include:

  • Trying to bribe a member of a jury
  • Making threats or blackmailing someone involved in a criminal probe
  • Deliberately altering, hiding or destroying evidence

At Barclay Law, LLC, we stand ready to challenge the prosecution's evidence. We will fight for a quick dismissal of the charges, but if necessary we will protect your rights in court and fight for an acquittal. Attorney John Michael Barclay has the experience and resources to use on behalf of clients facing any kind of serious white collar charge, including obstruction of justice.

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