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Prescription Drug Charges - Rely On Alabama Attorney Barclay

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Charges involving prescription drugs in Alabama must be taken seriously right from the start. Many people arrested on prescription drug charges have a misconception that they did nothing illegal since the drugs were legally prescribed.  However, a prescription drug becomes an illegal drug if it is used by a person in a manner other than what it was prescribed for, or if another person possesses the drug.  Police might charge you with drug offenses for possessing any number of drugs - from Vicodin and Codeine to Percodan and Percocet, to name a few.

A prescription drug conviction can have long-term consequences. With so much at stake, it's critical you contact us as soon as possible if you're dealing with a drug possession, drug distribution or any other charge involving prescription drugs in Alabama. Attorney John Michael Barclay will work with you and help you deal with your charges in a professional manner.

Some of the most common prescription drugs people are charged with possessing or selling in Alabama include Vicodin, Xanax, Adderall, Oxycontin and Klonopin. Only licensed pharmacists are legally allowed to sell these drugs to people with a prescription. Otherwise, selling or buying these drugs in Alabama is against the law. Alabama police officers regularly arrest people for possessing these drugs without a prescription. Proving you had a lawful reason for possessing these drugs takes hard work, experience and precise understanding of State and Federal drug laws. At Barclay Law, LLC, we work tirelessly on every prescription drug case we handle. Your case matters here!

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You have too much at stake not to take your case seriously from the start. Don't wait to find out what happens if you're dealing with a prescription drug charge in Alabama. Take action now. Contact Barclay Law, LLC today. We will meet with you and explain your legal options, so you can make an informed decision. Let us help you during difficult times.

We work aggressively on every drug case we handle in Alabama. We know how to review arrest records. We will even interview witnesses and consult with experts if necessary. We know what questions to ask and what evidence to look for to build a strong defense. Armed with the fruits of our intense investigation, we work toward one, simple goal: winning your case.

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Even if you think your case seems like a lost cause, it isn't in the hands of John Michael Barclay. Attorney Barclay has years of experience handling complicated prescription drug cases in Alabama. He knows the law, and he knows how to get results.

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