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Implied Consent - Complicated DUI Law Explained By Barclay Law, LLC

Alabama implied consent DUI lawyer John Michael Barclay fights for clients' rights

The implied consent law in Alabama means you agree to take a breath test if you are stopped on suspicion of drunk driving. The tests for implied consent in DUI cases in Alabama normally are the three approved blood alcohol concentration (BAC) tests - breath test, blood test and urine test. Police use these tests to determine if a driver is drunk. By law, you have to take one of these three tests if a police officer stops you under suspicion of DUI. And that's where Alabama's implied consent law comes into play.

According to Alabama's implied consent law, you gave consent to take one of the three BAC tests when you obtained your driver's license. As a result, the state of Alabama punishes people who refuse to take one of these tests if they are stopped for DUI. In most cases, drivers who refuse to take a BAC test will have their driver's license suspended for 90 days and could even be arrested on the spot. That's why it's important to take legal action within 10 days of your arrest to keep your driver's license. Otherwise, your driver's license could be suspended.

Another important aspect of DUI cases in Alabama involves the burden of proof. In Alabama, the burden of proof rests with prosecutors. The state must prove that someone was driving under the influence of alcohol. Experienced attorneys know how to suppress evidence and ultimately prevent the prosecution from meeting their burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Attorney John Michael Barclay excels at this work - and he has the track record to prove it.

"What is implied consent in terms of drunk driving charges in Alabama?"

Implied consent cases can be extremely complicated.  Knowing what to do can be very confusing. Get honest answers. Contact Barclay Law, LLC today. We can help. We have the knowledge and the experience you need to challenge any DUI charge in Alabama. And we have the track record to prove it. Case results matter here.

We work aggressively on every DUI case we handle in Alabama. We know how to review arrest records. We're comfortable interviewing witnesses and consulting with experts. We know what questions to ask and what evidence to look for to build a strong defense. Armed with the fruits of our intense investigation, we work toward one, simple goal: winning your case.

Take your DUI charge in Alabama seriously. Contact us. We can help.

You might think you don't need a lawyer. You might think you can handle your case on your own. We respect your desire to solve your problem on your own. We understand your perspective. We share your values. We believe in hard work, a commitment to excellence and getting the job done right. That's why we would be proud to work with you and help you resolve your legal matter on your terms.

Many different Municipal, State and Federal laws exist governing DUI cases. Trying to figure out all of these applicable laws and what they mean for your case can be overwhelming. You don't have to deal with all these legal issues on your own. We can help. Contact Barclay Law, LLC. Call 866-584-1023 or fill out our online inquiry form and schedule a free consultation today.

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