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An Aggressive Defense is Needed After Student DUI Accidents

High school students often make mistakes and have lapses in judgment, but some youthful indiscretions have much more serious consequences. For a young person who is charged with a drunk driving crime, the criminal record that can result could shape his future. This is especially true if the young person caused a collision when he was driving under the influence. college-campus-1385160-m

A misdemeanor or a felony conviction for impaired driving or a DUI accident can stay with a young person forever.  When faced with felony charges for student accidents while driving drunk, an experienced attorney at Barclay Law can help.  We can assist you in fighting the charges, entering a diversion program or negotiating a plea bargain to hopefully avoid a permanent criminal record.

A Criminal Record and College Admissions

In addition to facing potential jail time, a license suspension and large fines, a young person who is convicted of drunk driving could face significant challenges getting into college. Today, college is virtually a prerequisite for getting a job that pays enough to make a reasonable living.  This makes it even more tragic that a youthful mistake could prevent a person from gaining admission to a university.

The Center for Community Alternatives recently published an in-depth report on the use of criminal records as a factor in college admissions.  A total of 273 different institutions that are members of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers were asked to complete a 59-question survey about the impact of a criminal history on admissions.

A total of 66 percent of responding colleges indicated that they collected criminal justice information. However, not every college used that information when considering a candidate. Around 38 percent of responding schools said they did not use criminal justice information, and the schools said they were no less safe as a result of not looking at the criminal record of the applicants.

When schools obtain criminal justice information, less than half have written policies in place on how the information is to be used and only 40 percent train their staff on the appropriate way to interpret such information. As a result, students may not have the opportunity to explain the circumstances surrounding their arrest record.

The Center for Community Alternatives believes the current use of student criminal records by colleges is a problem for many different reasons.  First and foremost, having a criminal record has become much more common.  By the end of 2008, more than 92 million Americans had a criminal record on file involving either an arrest or a conviction.  Racial disparities have also been reported for every type of crime, including juvenile delinquency and low-level misdemeanor offenses.

Despite the problems with colleges using criminal records, as long as this is the reality, it is essential that  students charged with driving drunk or causing accidents have the best possible defense.

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