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Holiday Crackdowns Result in More Birmingham DWI Arrests

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving through the end of the year is prime time for people to drink and drive. Police are aware of that fact. As a result, stepped-up enforcement efforts go into effect over the Thanksgiving holiday period. thanksgiving-table-1443940

If you are arrested after an alleged drunk driving incident, you need to consider what your options are for DWI defense in Alabama. More police on the roads and aggressive enforcement of laws prohibiting impairment can sometimes lead to situations where the rights of motorists are violated. If you were subject to a search without probable cause, it may be possible for evidence to be suppressed so you do not need to worry about it being used to secure a conviction.

Birmingham DWI Arrests Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Wall Street Journal reports many safety advocates are more concerned about the Thanksgiving holiday than about other days when there is usually a lot of fear about impaired driving, such as New Years Eve. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is sometimes called Blackout Wednesday, since so many people tend to drink to excess on that day. This often includes college students home to see old friends on Thanksgiving, but can include people of any age.

Since concerns about Thanksgiving DWI risks are so high, nationwide efforts occur to stop drunk drivers by putting more police enforcement on the roads. reports some safety advocates disagree about the best approaches to take to stop drunk drivers over Thanksgiving, with DWI road blocks often being used but with other safety advocates suggesting a roving patrol would be better to catch impaired drivers since checkpoints can be too easy to avoid.

While there may not be a specific consensus on how law enforcement officers should step up their policing efforts, there is consensus that it is a smart choice for more police to be out on the Wednesday through Sunday period surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday. These police may be eager to justify their anti-DUI efforts and to satisfy public pressure over Thanksgiving drunk driving prevention, so they may be aggressive in pulling people over.

When you are stopped while driving your vehicle, you have constitutional rights protecting you, including the right not to submit to unlawful and unreasonable searches. The fact the police have boosted enforcement does not mean you must give up your rights. You do not have to submit to field tests at all, and you do not have to undergo a blood, breath, or other test to determine your BAC unless there is probable cause to suspect impairment.

Any evidence collected in a search which is unlawful due to a Fourth Amendment violation cannot be admitted in court, so be sure to detail carefully the events surrounding your traffic stop and BAC testing when you speak with an attorney.

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